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Know the Right Timing For Sex to Boost Your Chance of Conceiving Boys

Keeping in mind the above information about the life span of sperms and the characteristics of the boy-sperm and girl-sperm, it means that in conceiving boys, you need to time sexual intercourse on the day of your ovulation so that the boy-sperm that do not live much longer than around 24 hours can zero in to the egg before the time expires. So, chart your menstrual calendar to take note of your ovulation and make a date for intimacy when you find slippery and swargate call girls white mucous discharge that is your ovulation time! Of course, there are many other factors that come to play when it comes to conceiving boys such as diet and sexual position as shared in my other articles.

Good luck to you conceiving boys but, regardless of the end result, count your blessing even if it turns out to be a girl. After all, the greatest fortune of any woman is to be able to conceive a healthy and happy baby.

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